Camera cache 2014 goes viral on YouTube

Both caméra cachée and caméra cache are French words, which mean ‘hidden camera’, and these words are popping up all over the pace, especially YouTube.

Many call it camera cache without the accent, and you can also get to see many videos on YouTube by typing in camera cachée in the Google search engine. For example one of the most popular is camera cachée clown (Video shown below) – This is a little scary for those who do not like the scare factor.

Another favorite has to be the camera cache plus fort vampire 2014 video, just like the clown one the vampire intends on scaring the living daylights out of people.

We did a search in Google for the words ‘camera caché 2014’, which came back with 74,400,000 results, search for ‘camera cache 2014’ and it returns only 54,700,000 results, so by adding the accent mark above the e in cache you get better results - it shows to be very popular indeed and going viral on YouTube.

Camera cache videos are basically hidden camera clips being either funny or scary, there are so many to choose from and we have noticed a spike in popularity in people searching for such videos.

Below we have added the clown and vampire videos, have fun and please let us know what is your favorite camera caché video of 2014?

Camera cache 2014 goes viral on YouTube