New Elite Broadstairs dance academy starts social campaign

Most marketers will have a different view on how to start a social media marketing campaign and some will even believe everything should be in place before you promote online. Personally, we’d have to disagree and Elite Dance Academy is starting how the majority should by going social early on.

The new Broadstairs dance school will be catering to those in the east Kent area, in the UK. You can see their new Facebook page here, which just launched today and will follow with a number of other social channels like Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram for dance photos, and more.

When we say this new local business is an example of going in head first, this could be seen as an understatement. The Broadstairs (Thanet) dance school hasn’t even launched their website, although we believe it will be live this week.

Never too early to start a social campaign - we wanted to feature such a small local business in this way, as it’s a lesson to new bigger companies to at least get a foot in the door on social networks. While you need to plan ahead, you can’t do wrong by getting your name on social networks and at least receiving feedback before you even open shop.

Previously, businesses would launch a website first or open their premises but in 2014 things could be seen as very different. You’ll find thousands of small businesses getting social channels set up before a website, opening shop, or many other tasks to gauge interest and get their name out early on to build demand.

In the case of Elite Dance Academy in Broadstairs, this dance school could open their doors later this year with more students than they can handle. By that time, they’d have a website, maybe a few thousand followers on their social channels and demand to be part of this new dynamic school before the doors even opened.

Do you agree it’s never too early to start a social presence when introducing a new business to the likes of Facebook? Are you looking for a new dance school in the Broadstairs, Kent area? Feel free to join their Facebook page and let us know if you’re looking to join a new dance school, or setting up a new small business online.

You can contact the owners of Elite Dance Academy on this mobile number 07708 643813.