Malaysia plane crash today in Ukraine

The Malaysia Airlines plane crash today in Ukraine has received its first statement, which was shared on the official Twitter channel for MAS (Malaysia Airlines). The first response explained that they lost contact with MH17 after it left Amsterdam, and the last reported position was in Ukrainian airspace.

Within the last 15 minutes we’ve seen a couple of media statements on the MAS Twitter page. These have been embedded on this page, so our readers can retweet or leave comments directly with the airline company.

As you can see, the two Malaysia Airline alerts have only just been posted. The first is Media Statement 1 that is titled “MH 17 Incident Released” and with the time 12:30am, on 18 July 2014. The second is just a link to the Facebook page explaining the statement in full.

This story is developing, the flight had 15 crew and 280 passengers onboard.

Update: We’ve embedded the latest media statement at the time of writing below.