KLM Airlines customer service via 24/7 LinkedIn

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is stepping up its game to offer what could be called as a new business class social media service via LinkedIn.

The airline company now offers a new 24/7 customer service via LinkedIn, which will help if you have questions about tickets, rebookings, seat reservations or anything flight-related.

According to the press release here KLM reports it is the first of its kind where they offer help via a social media network, this will be administration online networking bliss for those needing answers.

Senior Vice President of E-Commerce AIR FRANCE KLM, Martijn van der Zee said, “After Facebook, Twitter and Vkontakte, including administration by means of Linkedin is in accordance with KLM’s procedure to be the place our clients are. Linkedin pulls in businessmen around the world, a significant number of whom customarily go via air. This makes it an intriguing stage for KLM.”

There are 74,330 followers on LinkedIn any KLM LinkedIn followers need to do is ask them any question by commenting on all KLM update.

KLM has over 10 million fans following them through social media networks, they have 6 million on Facebook and 1 milllion on Twitter alone. KLM gets around 4,500 questions a week on social networking and 130 administration operators will be there answering these questions.

Customers can contact KLM using different languages such as English, German, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish, French and Japanese.

Will you be using the new KLM LinkedIn 24/7 service?

KLM Airlines customer service via 24:7 LinkedIn