Delete Facebook account isn’t permanent after sign-in

There’s been a few issues in recent weeks with Facebook users wondering how to delete their Facebook account permanently, and the problem lies in the fact that a few of these social network users tend to sign-in to check if their profile is still live. This alone will stop your Facebook account from being deleted permanently, and as such you’ll find the process is not working.

So many people looking into ‘How to delete my Facebook account’ go ahead and click the Settings tab in Facebook followed by Security / General / Deactivate your account, but this will not actually delete your account, remember deactivate and delete are two different words, which actually do mean two different things – by clicking the confirm button does not mean its goodbye to your Facebook account.

Delete Facebook account forever really is not what it seems, Facebook account holders are getting annoyed when they sign back into the social networking site to see if they have been deleted from the system, only to find their account still activated.

Deletion is not permanent if you sign back in within 14 days, and this will likely stop the ‘delete my account process’. Facebook’s Data Use Policy takes around 30 days to delete your account permanently, but some information may remain in backup copies for up to 90 days.

You can visit this direct link if you wish to delete your account, but just remember not to log in for about 30 days to be sure, as soon as you log in you will activate your Facebook account again.

Have you tried to delete your Facebook account and succeeded?