Comcast Internet problems in a hangout

Many Comcast users have been having problems with the service of late, with majority experiencing Internet issues, a few have had problems with TV and also a small percentage having a total Comcast outage.

On July 6 we reported of Comcast users complaining about the Internet being down or very slow, and judging by the comments they are very unhappy indeed.

After reporting about the problems we came across Google Plus user Jeffrey Powers known as a geek, podcast coach, drummer and much more, and on the subject of the Comcast problems he has decided to write a song about the Comcast woes and he wanted other G+ users help.

Powers wrote a song about Comcast and an 18-minute phone call from hell, this was a social experiment that seemed to work fine - Check out the video below. His Google Hangout happened Today 17 July between 03:20 and 03:50 - did you watch it?

The G PLUS hangout video does not show the finished version of the song, many were asking in the hangout comments area for the final version of the song, and you can watch below the hangouts video below. The first video is the hangout and the second is the final Comcast Woes song by Jeffrey Powers, have fun.

What do you think of the Comcast Woes song?

Comcast Internet problems in a hangout