Yahoo Mail not working in multiple countries

Yahoo Mail not working again seems to be the to be the most popular five words at the moment, and the problems are still happening with Yahoo Mail not being operational in multiple countries.

Back on June 16, 2021 we reported Yahoo Mail having issues and in response to this news many said they may consider leaving Yahoo Mail for Gmail, 44 comments have come in to date with Yahoo Mail users complaining about the issues they are facing – but still the issues are still ongoing it seems.

Customers are complaining of emails not coming in, but majority are saying Yahoo Mail is down and countries affected are being shown within Facebook comments over on Down Detector.

Spain seems to be popping up a lot with Yahoo Mail being down, comments reveal problems in Malaga, Madrid, Tenerife, Torreguadiaro, Alicante, and other countries include the UK with London having most of the problems, Yahoo Mail users in Athens, Greece are also having downtime as well.

But looking at the comments it proves Spain is having majority of the problems, we would like to hear from Yahoo Mail users now to see how widespread the problem is.

The main problems as said is Yahoo Mail being down – issues include Yahoo main page not resolving, now being able to access Yahoo Mail main page, cannot login at all, in a nutshell no connection for most.

Are you having Yahoo Mail problems? If so, please let OSM know what the issue is and what country you live in.

Yahoo Mail not working in multiple countries

  • Chanaka

    Down in Sri Lanka. Time now is about 4pm GMT

  • The Fightin’ Irish

    After using Yahoo Mail for many years, I’m gone. It’s a major hassle, but I’m in the process of moving everything to Google.

  • boldonlad

    In Murcia, Southern Spain, not working.

  • adrian

    england, london not working

  • colleen

    NY, USA not working.

  • Kirsty

    Nottinghamshire, UK. not working :-(

  • ciaosonoferlo

    Italy, Yahoo Mail is not working (Server Hangup)

    • ciaosonoferlo

      Not, it is working

  • suzi

    dubrovnik, croatia….not working

  • leanton31

    Athens, Greece not working (and if it does work, sometimes i get my emails with hours of delay from specific email addresses)

  • Lizzie

    New Zealand not working…cannot access my account

  • JordiValbuena

    Marseille, France, not working

  • john

    South Africa not working

  • Carl

    Be aware settings on macs and iPads have to be changed if using BT Yahoo accounts I have no email for days and deleted the Yahoo account and started a again with btinternet account.
    YHoooooo all operational

  • Adrian

    On bt, but still trying to use yahoo, cannot log in and sent mail is not working

  • Brenda

    Not working in Manchester, UK.

  • Donna

    having trouble getting on sent mail isn’t working either USA

  • Jackson

    Cannot log in at all. Unable to log in for weeks now. No resolution from Yahoo support, basically can’t reach anybody via text or phone. Super annoying because all I really want to do is use Flickr or at least recover my photos and delete my account, but I can’t without a Yahoo user name. I’ve had a Yahoo user name for years but haven’t been able to log in since around the time the Heartbleed news broke. Of course email goes down and then Flickr converts to Yahoo-only login and Yahoo staff dive under the carpet. What’s the end game, I wonder. No access to email which means no access to Flickr. Ohio, USA.

    • Jackson

      Also, every time I try to log into Yahoo email, my computer goes haywire from malware. I’ve ended up spending hours online with antimalware tech support to get my computer restored. Only happens when I try to access Yahoo email.

  • Mai

    Sign in not working, Toronto Canada

  • Kevin Wilton

    Brisbane Australia not working, mail coming in but can’t reply. The confirmation letters pop up, I put them in and the reply email is sent to… ME!

  • Cathy

    New Zealand, can’t sign in at all.

  • Zibel


    Can’t login on ipad 1

    Laptop and smartphone no problems

  • Shentel

    Hawaii not working

  • anonymous

    well the yahoo mail has problems are because yahoo has been hacked - and it was going on for years - maybe some folks in korea - maybe someone in malaysia - but the hackers have very devious cover pages that bring someone their yahoo mail with the appearance of being a legit yahoo page - but because it is not legit - the error messages occur or there are glitches with mail retrieval - but this also allows backdoor access and so yahoo needs some serious help.
    I suggest everyone use an alternate and more secure email service - and suggest yahoo get more secure.

  • Vikram Meena

    Not operational in New Delhi India….

  • RebeccaFlores

    Won’t show me the homepage at all, won’t load the sign in page so I can’t access my account at all when I really need to. Not happy at all. I live in Texas- USA

  • monica

    yahoo has been going slower & slower …. I’m really disapointed by the way yahoo mail has evolved in this past couple of years. Compared with gmail enormous difference

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I’m so impressed with Yahoo that I’m changing to a Gmail account also.

  • Reciclado Vida Natural, S.A.

    From PANAMA - Yahoo Messenger window is black so cannot read any texts at all. Over the past couple of days sent texts arrived up to 36 hours later and in some instances not at all. Email seems to be working ok at the moment.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve had a Yahoo account for several years. Recently, they’ve started changing the format. Every time I got used to the new format, they changed it again and left me confused as to where everything was. Also, I’ve noticed that on some computers, loading the new Yahoo Mail format causes the computer to lag for several seconds. I’m getting spam on that account also (not only is it spam for absolute garbage, I think it’s some sort of scam anyway).
    Anyway, I’m so happy with Yahoo Mail, I switched to Gmail as well.

  • Delphine heron

    Hi! I’m in Stuttgart Germany and heard that my email did not go through yesterday and now it is still not working.

  • dmhd

    someone hacked my computer thru yahoo mail.
    I have been off the internet for about a year and had lost my password to my main yahoo email that I give everyone. I had about a month ago came by online and went to my account and it first took forever to recover my mail because of password problems then when I finally got in I had over 30,000 emails. I called customer service to see if I could or they could on their end delete all my emails at once or what I could do to get rid of the old emails and

    it was not yahoo customer service I was talking to. I did not know this until on into the conversation and before I knew it he had access to all my information in my computer. I made a report to the law, to my bank, to my credit bureaus and each and everyone I could think of. BEWARE don’t let this happen to you. I still am afraid I am being watched and hacked.

  • LastOneThere

    VA, USA — E-mails are delayed from specific senders. This has really screwed me over at a critical time in my career

  • anonymous

    Yahoo mail moved all my emails from my inbox from february to the current day into my spam. I have just spent hours sorting and moving them back into my inbox. So frustrating!! I will be using my gmail account for any future email and leave my yahoo account!!!!

  • Anon

    “Page cannot be displayed” on laptop, cannot get past log-in page on smartphone; USA

  • Sanjay

    I suddenly can’t sign into my yahoo accounts on my iPad 1.  It seems the sign-in button no longer works, when I tap it or use the “go” button, nothing happens - no error message, nothing.  I’ve re-set the iPad and I still can’t sign in.  I can get to all of the other Yahoo web pages, just not my mail.  I can sign into other websites no problem.  Any suggestions?  Is my iPad now completely obsolete?
    I can sign in without a problem on my iMac.

  • tinajo

    that seems like the timetable that I started having the same issues. my mail pulls up but then when I try to open any of them it stops working. I try to recover page and it does the same thing. I’m so frustrated because I need info from those emails for a business and can’t access them!!! argh! I live in Oregon, USA

  • Susan

    I thought it was my IPad! Hope the problem gets corrected. Been a customer since it’s inception. Greetings from Levittown, NY Long Island USA

  • Logan

    Yahoo Indonesia “page cannot be dispalayed” on my work spot mid town of Surabaya… My Gmail runin’ fast….

  • Adriel

    I tried to access my Yahoo email from Singapore and it doesn’t work. At first I changed my password, that doesn’t work. Then I tried to find my Yahoo ID, still doesn’t work. Need help ASAP.

  • Rags

    I have been trying since yesterday,to log on……..but to no avail.

    From the UK