LinkedIn relationship economics with socially engaged companies

Social engagement for companies on LinkedIn is all about building a relationship, in the infographic below it reveals a little about relationships beginning with empathy and that they require dedicated strategy and resources.

It also mentions there is a virtuous cycle to transparency and openness. Investing in relationship economics has a direct return on investment, but some may believe that ‘Trust’ is the key part of building relationships.

The infographic below titled ‘Top 25 Most Socially Engaged Companies’ is rather interesting indeed and well worth looking at, building relationships with customers’ is very important, but what is the best way to do so?

LinkedIn relationship economics, this is about communication and management is social media, and how this can help businesses improve relationships with customers and employees as well as improving the bottom line. According to the infographic below employment engagement is at an all-time low, only 13% of employees are engaged with 63% not being engaged and this is why it makes perfect sense for those to invest in employee relationships.

The infographic also goes into details about business that invest in employee relationships value including people, loyalty, advocacy and much more. It also shows LinkedIn introducing the top 25 socially engaged companies, which includes Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Gartner etc.

What is interesting is the part where the infographic releases details about employees feeling empowered and inspired, and employees at socially engaged companies are +27% more likely to feel optimistic about companies’ future, +20% more likely to feel inspired, and +15% may feel likely to feel connected to co-workers beyond their core teams.

We will leave it at that for now, please do take a look at the LinkedIn infographic study below why social media is great for both company and employee.

What part of the LinkedIn infographic study sticks out the most for you?

LinkedIn relationship economics with socially engaged companies