July Vines popular on YouTube for 2014

Vines are very interesting to watch and July Vines are now popular on YouTube for 2014, it is where users get to upload short clips and people get to laugh.

One of the most popular Vine users is Nash Grier with 8.7 million followers, but the YouTube videos below show many Vines thanks to ‘Big Vines - Uploading Hilarious Vines & Fails Daily’, ‘Best Vines’ and ‘VINE GENERATION’.

When it comes to the best July Vines 2014 the three videos below will have you laughing a lot, the July Vines on YouTube were published on July 1st, 2nd and 3rd with 46,900, 383,115 and 373,269 views respective.

If you put all three of the YouTube videos together you get the best Vines compilation for July 2014, in the first video we particularly love the teacher and Kanye West Vine.

Vine is one of those places where you need to be a little on the crazy side, where you do not mind letting your hair down and just going all out to do something weird to make people laugh. In one respect it is very funny indeed even though it looks like total mayhem, and the videos below shows exactly what we mean.

Please do watch the Vines below and let us know what Vine you prefer the most, what is the best Vine clip you have ever seen?

July Vines popular on YouTube for 2014