Google plus removing real name policy causes controversy

The new decision by Google Plus in scrapping the real name policy is causing controversy, and many worry it will be the start of comment trolls. When the name policy was put into motion it actually made trolls own up to what they wrote, which meant they could not sit behind a fake name – this is where the debate is, comment trolls.

Google+ posted the latest news yesterday that it will scrap the real name policy, basically allowing its users the ability to use fake names. Making a complete change in the opposite direction to the real name policy is a cause for concern and now Google is facing criticism.

By making the change they believe it will make G PLUS more welcoming and inclusive – Do you agree with this?

Three years ago Google Plus went live and restrictions were put into place, at first it was invite only and REAL NAMES had to be used. This was put into place to build a community of real people NOT fake ones; many users were excluded from the social network because they did not want to be a part of the real name policy.

The reason Google made the change is simple but in many minds stupid, it allows YouTube users to come on over to Google Plus and use their usernames.

It is obvious to see Google wishes for more users, bringing over YouTube usernames to G+ is one step, more people who prefer not to use their real names is another because they do not want to be known – but this is a worry for those that hate comment trolls.

Do you agree or disagree with Google’s decision to change the real name policy within Google Plus?

Google plus removing real name policy causes controversy

  • Gates Consulting Group

    I prefer the real names policy. Trolls mess thing up for the rest of us. I suggest Google put unverified ppl (trolls) postings under a “junk” tab.