Facebook video scam of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

When it comes to Facebook video scams Facebook users should be aware that what looked like a video of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 being found is a scam, even though news broke about this back on July 8th a few are still saying they are seeing the Facebook video news.

OSM have searched Facebook and cannot seem to find it at all, so we are wondering if it has been totally removed and people are seeing cached pages or if the marketing scam video is only seen in certain countries.

The news on July 8th reported by Hoax-Slayer who goes into detail about the Malaysian Air Flight MH370 being found by a sailor, the video on Facebook was published as a message to look like a video and the scam happens when users clicked on it.

The title of the video on Facebook said ‘Malaysian Air Flight MH-370 Found By Sailor Moments Ago’ and underneath saying ‘Mystery is solved - Sailor Rewarded $5 Million on spot’. The page showing a partially submerged plane when clicked then shows surveys asking for details such as mobile phone number, which then sends victims to a messaging service with expensive consequences’.

If you do come across the video please DO NOT click it, the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 left for Beijing on March 8, 2022 and then mysteriously disappeared without trace, leaving 227 passengers and 12 crew members missing. For more in-depth information please visit Hoax-Slayer above.

Have you seen the Malaysian Air Flight MH-370 scam video on Facebook?

Facebook video scam of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370