Anti-liquor movement in India through social media

Kerala government in the south-west region of India is all set to use social media in its new movement for an anti-liquor campaign, they want to create awareness about the dangers of alcohol and drugs with youngsters.

The new slogan they are using is ‘’Addicted to life’ and the new campaign will be widespread through the likes of Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube and Twitter.

The ‘No to alcohol and No to drugs’ campaign is under the Excise Department and will use the mentioned social media networks above to get the message across. The programme itself will start of through the Anti-Drug Clubs through colleges and schools according to Excise Minister K Babu reported by Business Standard.

The campaign is so strong 418 liquor bars have been shut for the last 3 months, and there has been an increase of 95 per cent of liquor sales through the operating 313 bars.

According to a report, last year’s sole agency for sale of wholesale and retail sale liquor hit Rs 9,373 crore, this year it is expected to reach Rs 10,000 crore from the sale of foreign liquor through State Beverages Corporation.

Anti-liquor movement in India through social media

  • Manu

    Cheap tricks by political leaders personal gains under the disguise of a good cause. If the cause of the gov was to reduce sales of alcohol, they should have closed all the beverage corporation that sell liquor cheap which is easily available.people buying Liquor from these shops they have no place to sit and drink and no one to monitor their actions. These people use public facility or any where they see as place for their drinking purposes and create bigger problems for common people. Only awareness can help people reduce drinking. Control measure can be done by the gov buy making the. commodity more expensive. Not by closing down bars which are many families income for many years. 418 family’s have no income for the last 3 months, what has the gown done for them?