New Streak for Gmail email Snooze Button

If you fancy being more productive during the day and would like to procrastinate a little more, there could be a possibility email users will like the new ‘Streak for Gmail Email Snooze Button’, which basically allows users to archive them.

If you get a lot of business coming through to your Gmail inbox you may want to try out the new email “snooze” feature by Streak, simply pop your email into the snooze archive and set a specified time you want it to come back into your inbox.

This means the less important emails can be put to sleep until you need to get onto them and take action as you see fit, Streak as we all know is a CRM tool and the new Snooze feature is probably welcomed in conjunction with email tracking, easy scheduling, and even the new ‘Thread Splitting for Gmail’, which was released a few days ago.

Hiding emails makes sense because it means you can go through the more important emails first, and by setting your own time for the email to pop back into the Gmail inbox is a clever little feature.

To learn more about the new Gmail Snooze Emails please visit Streak, you can get started in one simple step – Have you installed the new Streak for Gmail email Snooze button yet?

New Streak for Gmail Snooze Button