Nash Grier vs. Justin Bieber on Vine

Nash Grier has not only made a name for himself on Vine but he has also gained attention on many other social networks such as Twitter after his homophobic insult Vine video.

When it comes to Vine followers Nash Grier is more popular than Justin Bieber – Nash Grier on Vine has 8.7 million followers and Justin Bieber Vine account has 1.7 million followers. But, when it comes to Nash Grier vs. Justin Bieber on Vine Grier better stop doing videos like the one reported below or he will start to lose his followers, nether the less Bieber has a long way to beat the Vine only sensation.

OSM readers can watch the Vine video below, but we do warn it contains a homophobic insult and may cause upset, so viewer discretion is advised - The video will play automatically, you may need to click the audio button on the video for sound.

The Vine sensation made an apology on Twitter and deleted the video after it sparked controversy; we have embedded the sorry tweet below for you to read. The video itself was uploaded in April 2013 and then was quickly removed; it was then re-posted by Vine user Munera.

In the video you will see two men with one saying, “Testing for HIV” with the other saying, “it’s not a gay thing” and then Grier shouts out “Yes it is fag.” Mail Online reports many of his followers criticised him, soon after he deleted the video.

It was Internet personality Tyler Oakley found the Nash Grier homophobic video and tweeted about it at the weekend – What are your views on the Grier video shown below?

Nash Grier vs. Justin Bieber on Vine