LinkedIn buys Newsle but still standalone benefit

At the point when Harvard dropouts Axel Hansen and Jonah Varon propelled Newsle in 2011, the objective was simple: “To convey essential news about the individuals who matter to you.” And now moving on, the startup firm will be giving that administration to more than 300 million of LinkedIn’s users.

Newsle is now joining LinkedIn and even though it will still be a standalone benefit you can bet there will be new additions happening over a period of time, Newsle will be providing very important news about the people you connect with on LinkedIn, and those that matter the most to you.

Newsle is on the up since 2011 with over 2 million users, both LinkedIn and Newsle are passionate about the acquisition, and they want to provide insights to help LinkedIn professionals better do their jobs.

Making Newsle available to LinkedIn members seems the right thing to do according to the official blog news posts, read LinkedIn’s take on this, or read Newsles’ take on it.

Newsles’ functionality and services will be linked with LinkedIn’s core services as the week’s progress, the ability to scan the Internet to find articles, blogs etc mentioning certain people within LinkedIn to return results including the above will be relevant to those connections.

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LinkedIn buys Newsle but still standalone benefit