BT email login, Infinity problem confirmed

BT is having major issues with its email login and it has also been confirmed there is an Infinity problem as well, BT are aware of email login problems and this is leaving customers very unhappy indeed.

There are both BT Internet and email problems but it is the email side of things causing more concern for consumers, one user stresses BT not being good enough, not having emails for over 24 hours is ridiculous. Some believe this is all down to the recent changes of BT password changes and they cannot keep up with all the changes happening at once.

If you visit this BT page they do apologise for the BT Mail problems that occurred on Sunday 13th July, they do report this is happening to a minority of its customers not being able to access email accounts, but is this larger than BT think?

It was BT’s email partner Openwave Messaging that reported the problem with migration, which basically meant a few BT customers would not be able to log in to their email accounts, they would just get error messages when trying – The BTCare Community Mod explain a little more below.

BT account @BTCare tweeted yesterday saying they are aware of the email log in issues, they are working to fix this ASAP – take a look at the tweet below.

BT is aware of the problem, they do stress there is no need to wait in the queue to report the issue, technical engineers are trying to fix the problem as soon as possible and are very sorry for the inconvenience caused.

If you are still having issues you may want to change the Google Public DNS, as this seems to be successful for some BT email users. You could try configuring your network settings, we already know this has worked for some so its worth a try – OSM holds no responsibility if you try this out, it is totally your choice.

Are you still having BT email issues, and have you tried changing your Google Public DNS?

You can be kept updated with the email service status across the UK here.

BT email login, Infinity problem confirmed

  • Rod Walker

    “We’re aware of a problem affecting a small amount of customers logging into their email. We are working to fix this ASAP” so says BT. Have they visited their own Care Community Forum recently?

  • JOHN

    It is 15.30 on Wednesday and I still haven’t received my lost e mails, I am finding it impossible to contact b t as all they have is electronic voices or, on the odd occasion I speak to a real person they turn out to be the village idiot reading from prompt cards Am very very angry with this supposed international company HUH!!!!!