Ellen DeGeneres vs. Jimmy Fallon for YouTube clout

Even though we do not live in the U.S. we do love to go on YouTube to watch the best bits from The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Since taking over the show he has become an even larger success, but when compared to Ellen DeGeneres, she seems to have far more clout on YouTube in terms of the most consistent audience on the online video service.

OpenSlate has broken down the scores for us to see how these two talk show hosts compare, along with how other shows compare against each other, and even though Fallon is behind DeGeneres, you can’t take it away from him on how much success he has had in a shorter amount of time.

Fallon comes out the winner in terms of views per month on YouTube at 165 million, which is far more than Ellen and rival talk show hosts, but he still only manages to get the third highest SlateScore because of the other various factors involved, which you can find more details on here.

However, we will tell you that this score takes into account the number of views each show draws in consistently, as well as how many of them share the show. Personally, we have never been into the Ellen DeGeneres show so much because it all seems a bit too wooden, but Jimmy Fallon is a different story.

Ok, so we know his humor is not for everyone, but we love his history of rap and dance with Justin Timberlake and Will Smith.

How would you compare the two shows?