Comcast users complain Internet down or slow

It has been a couple of months since we’ve heard about any real problems with Comcast down, but today users are complaining about Internet outage or very slow connections when browsing websites. The last major issue we published details on took place in May, and this also came with an outage map revealing a number of locations highlighted by customers.

Today, we’ve heard from a few Comcast customers within the Nevada City, Houston Texas, and Indiana areas. One Internet user said, “My Comcast Internet is really slow and it’s sickening. Facebook is working, but everything else is much slower than dial-up”. Another added, “I’m down in Nevada City, seem to have problems every day”.

Is your Comcast Internet down today, or running slow like some people claim? Share a comment below, especially if you are having issues and remember to leave a location to see if there’s a pattern. We’ve reached out to Comcast for comment to see if there’s any major issues at this time.

We should note that in many cases the problems could be due to home networking, so make sure you try a direct connection rather than just WiFi and restart your router before contacting Comcast.

Comcast Internet outage with map of problem areas

  • SinSiXX

    I have Comcast Business Internet, in Margate Florida. The connection has been really inconsistent since yesterday (that I’ve noticed), and it’s dropped atleast several times.

  • Ken

    Very slow in. PA

  • Pn

    I’m supposed to have 25 Mbps down but I’m getting 2 Mbps down…
    this is horrid.
    seattle, wa: tested with 3 routers.

    • Pn

      Nvm, it’s now 1.0 Mbps

  • metz77

    Down in northeast Massachusetts.

  • Jin

    300 mbps down to 13mbps in Baltimore MD

    • James

      50mbps down to 1 in Washington DC. This is awful.

  • Aesha

    Completely down since early morning
    Bensalem PA

  • JSR

    My Internet has been at 1-1.5mps when I have 50mps for a few days now and they keep saying its on my end. Its been doing this off and on for a few days which pisses me off because they’re trying to charge me to have a tech come out but other people are having the same issue in my area. Tacoma,Washington

  • John

    Completely down. Thinking about switching permanently.

  • Kelcie

    Been down since early AM in Bensalem PA, it’s now 7:10 PM!!

    • Kelcie

      Oh yeah, they said around 7 AM that it would be fixed by 11AM… way off there.

  • Brandon

    I just moved and upgraded my service from 6 mpbs to 25 mpbs. My internet now is MUCH slower than what I had before… chug chug. Denver, CO.

  • Jesus Rodriguez

    Down in downtown Chicago yesterday morning and today, July 8th. This is business area please. This is not acceptable.

  • Alex

    Internet down in Northeastern Indianapolis. Day 2 without home internet. Getting kinda annoying.

  • billinga

    I am in metro Atlanta, a business customer, and for about the past month have had intermittent slow streaming from various services. My speedtests are normal but sometimes I can’t stream video.

  • Julio

    My internet is getting worse. What’s going on with Comcast. I’m from Harrisburg, PA.

  • Katy G.

    My internet is still continuing to be slow! I’m up in Seattle, Wa.. This is ridiculous.

  • Kaptain

    Lacey, Washington… Not impressed with this awesome 50mb slower than dialup connection. Yay! For spending the extra money for a whole lot less :) oh wait, that’s just the kinda world we live in nowadays…. I forgot.