Yahoo Mail login problems continue with Gmail consideration

Yahoo user’s are still having issues with their email service and some are threatening to leave in favor of Gmail. So many customers’ have said that Yahoo needs to step up and take responsibility for the problems that are occurring.

Yahoo Mail login problems continue with Gmail consideration

Back in December 2013 we reported on Yahoo having issues with its email service, login problems occurred for the majority who complained and a few said they could get in but were not able to send emails or receive them. But, back in May this year OSM gave an update suggesting users’ should try updating their current browser as this could rectify the problem.

One month on and it seems the issue is still alive and not getting any better for some, when you visit Down Detector it shows 94% are having log-in issues, 3% are unable to read emails and 2% are having problems sending and receiving emails.

One Yahoo Mail user said they are having problems and that this has gone on far too long, it has become more than an individual problem. They go on to ask if they want Yahoo customers, if customers’ decide to move to another server they still need to login to get their folders etc.

Another commenter said complaining does not seem to help, in a nutshell Yahoo is earning lots on money and you would think they would get the issue fixed to keep people happy.

We here at OSM have asked a few of our friends if they are having issues with their emails and they said no, but looking over on Down Detector the problems are indeed there. One Yahoo Mail user said they logged in and tried to send a few test emails to themselves and only a few got through, they set up an automatic response asking email senders to call them.

The problem is many emails could be very important indeed and if they are not receiving them how can they reply, which is not good for business. For those trying to log-in and cannot is becoming very frustrating according to the users having the issue, and this comment here was rather interesting indeed, “In IE I can sign into yahoo mail but can no longer switch over to yahoo hosted private email- or even get into my administrator page -” Has this happened to you?

One angry user of 15 years said they would go to Gmail because their mail is combining mail from other senders – Are you having Yahoo Mail login problems?

  • Silvia

    I have been sending myself emails as a test and not many were received in the end, it also combined mail from different senders which is just not acceptable. It takes ages to upload any larger files, I am definitely switching to gmail.

  • jack

    Osm ! Your grammar and spelling makes it look like your post came from a Chinese scam site. I was expecting to see a fake login link

  • bb

    cant login now, not received any mail since mid may.

  • Comunicacion

    Yahoo, thus far works.. Gmail account is giving me trouble(<.. What a mess. (<

  • dale

    I got tired of using Yahoo because I was having a hard time sending messages. Sometimes messages I would reply to would end up going to my inbox, instead of to the person I was replying to. There were times where I had difficulty logging in, so after a couple months of that I went back to using my old AOL account.

  • Danielle Mills

    I keep getting a “Temporary Error” everyday for months! Never have trouble logging in or sending just can’t get through emails because it keeps shutting down!

  • Irina

    I have problems with yahoo mail login…

  • catherine holdsworth

    can not log on my phone every time i log on it say invalid id please try again .not happy so i gone to BT

  • Patriot1

    What I hate is how all ,my e mail messages get attached together instead of when I used to be able to delete them and all e mail messages were separate. So now when people I correspond with send e mails back and forth, I find it confusing and I don’t know who’s talking to who. It’s also screwed up my folder, if I store something in my folder then get a response from someone on my regular inbox, it attaches itself to the email I already put in my folder and screws it all up. Marissa Meyer needs to be fired. Wait till they start losing money, and they will, it’s just a matter of time.

  • mjdindc

    After 20 years with Yahoo I’ve given up and moved on. There has been a day in the last 6 months when I have not had some type of issue with them. Support is nonexistent and simply tells you to clean out your cache without reading any particulars of your problem. They are going to go out of business if they don’t fix it soon.

  • kerry cale

    Yahoo mail has recently been deleting my emails that are not selected to be deleted. One more instance of this happening and I am bailing to my eamil account (although I hate their format) I cannot afford to lose emails associated with my small business.

  • Juli

    I am beyond disgusted with Yahoo. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t have trouble. I stumbled on this trying to log in through Google. I am a small business owner, I don’t have time for this.

  • Vicky

    What is going on with this email, I am NOT getting my mail. Did what I was told to do. Changed my password, after doing so , guess what NO MAIL period. I use my nook to receive mail. What a screwup this is . Everyone using yahoo should delete it. My name is Vicky and I am so unhappy with this whole mess.

  • June

    I have been having problems logging into Yahoo 6 months now and it’s getting worse daily. I called tech support and they wanted almost $200 to help me resolve the issues. It takes over an hour to even get into yahoo mail, if I get in at all. I keep getting messages “invalid account” or “reset password” or “can’t find page” or just sends me to update my profile page. Tech support tried to tell me it was my computer, then my outdated browser, even though the computer is brand new last month. I think Yahoo needs to fire their little geeks and get some pros in there to resolve the problems. I’ve had the same email over 20 years and now am ready to give up on Yahoo….

    • James

      You called “tech support” and they wanted $200. HAHAHA Perhaps you mean you googled for tech support and some random link came up, that looked offocial, you called them and they wanted $200, not Yahoo. There are one or two weird sites that offer support for Dell but Dell don’t know anything about them!

  • michele

    With the new yahoo email it is not good as the old one, I like to get my old yahoo email back,

  • Virat sarin

    I am having problem of error 14 since morning

    • Karl Hungus

      Yup. Same here. I’m in the process of moving to gmail. Sucks, I’ve had the same email for 15 years and now I can barely access it.

  • Purdy Boy Floyd

    It’s really frustrating because the problems, at least for me, are not the same all the time. Sometimes it’s an inability to log in… sometimes it just hangs up… sometimes, it hangs up for an unusually long time, only to finally crash. It’s a mess and has gone on much to long… changing browsers, had no affect on this issue. I’ll gladly pay for private email if it’s consistently, up and mailing. One stays with and tolerates this mess due to having a widely known, and established email address. Think of the inherent issues associated with getting a new private email address…….. I’m tired now, but I don’t think it’ll be fixed any time soon….. Billions$$$$, and they can’t fix email. Seems they’re in denial, and I don’t mean the river…..

  • January

    May I know what can I do to be able to access my yahoo account its been months since am nt being able too

  • Lesa

    This is a recent thing for me, the last 48 hours, but they had better fix the issue soon, or I’ll be changing to gmail. Its really a massive inconvenience!

  • pat

    I am not only having problems logging in, I’m having trouble with the new design. Yesterday I “lost” three emails and haven’t seen them since. I opened my inbox, after a struggle, and read the list of emails. They were all on the same subject and it was an important one. I answered one and when I clicked back on the inbox, the other three were gone. Gone! It freezes up and I’m fed up. I am worried about my folders. I don’t know how to transfer them out so I can change to another service. I cannot lose the folders. Any suggestions?

  • sammyp

    Log-in problems, yes, sometimes. Bigger problem though is the re-design, and how the “to/from” information is now displayed. In list view you see the word “Me”, not the name of the person you sent to or rec’d from. It’s difficult to tell if you have replied to an email as well. Also, the SAVE function is unreliable.

  • sammyp

    also - what happened to the PHOTOS folder?????

  • Katherine McChesney

    I also have problems reporting spam to them that comes into my gmail account. Furthermore, they do not provide a way to unsubscribe from unsolicited emails. Yahoo is a waste of time. I get far better service from my gmail account.

  • sammyp

    Also, those large ads that appear without fail on right HALF of page - are they TRYING to annoy their users? I’ve figured out a pretty simpl workaround to block them but I’m no willing to share it here for obvious reasons. I’ll just say it cleans the page right up!

  • Venkat Ramanan

    I’ve been having problem with logging in Yahoo Ids on Messenger and mail too on my Home PC but, not on my Office PC. I am confused ! Been on Yahoo mail since 15 years now


    Yahoo is awful now. That is what they get for trying to copy G Mail. If I wanted G mail I would have joined G Mail, now it looks like I am going to have to.

  • Audrey Kangas

    My problems were so bad with yahoo that I now use GMAIL. With Yahoo I had to change my password every 24 hours… resolutions found. Extremely irritated with YAHOO! They STINK.

  • 8bit Knight

    The problem is with Yahoo not updating certain DNS servers properly. Use google DNS as that was updated.

    My ISP dns won’t work because Yahoo is not sending them updates. I tweeted the problem to them, hopefully they understand it and won’t shrug it off.

    PS. See pic of my twitter posts below.

  • Faz

    Don’t know what to do can’t get my emails

  • Faz

    For a long time I always feel unsure about using yahoo don’t feel it is secure

  • Joie913

    Every few days I get message to put in password again, then sometimes after 3-4 tries it works and other times I ignore it and get mail. Presently I can’t get my mail, but got it no problem yesterday. I really need an email coming today and I am literally screwed, nothing works.

  • Dmg

    I can’t access my yahoo emails - not recognising my user name or password. All help is being sent to my email - which I can’t access! Have been with yahoo for longer than I care to admit but enough is enough, please help.

  • lindajoyadams

    Logged off about 4 am 6/20/14 and tried to log on yesterday eve and I had no e mails after about 4 am and my address book is blank. I cannot even send myself an e mail from another site, at first I am thinking its due to some major whistleblowing activity for 8 years even insurance companies have been ripped off paying for part d medicare bill nos of other primary payers and no recovery actions done by ACS in NC who pays all the claims for all and this has caused major ripples,,, ore than anything else I have tried to do over the last several years but it seems others are having problems too, thanks for your site, good to know I have company but not good f no ne can contact me except by phone now

    • Gisela

      Very time I put my password someone has made I new one and I can not get in to my email help pleade

  • jane

    trouble getting into mail — getting too much spam — will type reply and when almost finished it disappears

  • jane

    trouble getting into mail — a lot of spam -when typing a replay all of a sudden it disappears

  • Tgg

    Yes. For the past 2-3 days, my mail inbox is neither opening nor I am getting any mails. Also, I am finding it difficult in attaching a very small file along with my reply messages. How could be this sorted

    • Tiger 9631

      I agree

  • Tiger 16458

    I agree with everyone yahoo is POO it STINKS I can’t get my email I get a email everyday and I know this because I have been with this company for 39 years I know i get a email every Tuesday and they still haven’t come I hate yahoo I also can’t login it said my username is wrong so I ask it to send me a help email to the address I can’t enter so you get a 0.0 from
    Me sorry it’s not my or theses other peoples fault your fault so we are blaming you at the moment sorry to be rude but this is how I feel

  • jamie

    Yes, I have been having problems for the past 3 weeks since june 5th update. I have a MacPro and is constantly updated to newest safari, now with maverick. I sometimes get message ‘taking too long. Load Basic’ and I can then get some commands but cannot open many attachments or forward properly. Now it is frozen and I don’t even get that message. My husband also has yahoo mail, but doesn’t experience any problems on the same computer. I cannot open my yahoo mail on my other Surface computer either and it is also updated to current browser. This is really ridiculous and no solution in sight.

  • finewoman3

    I can’t send email, drafts aren’t saving , and cannot pull up/access any email sent from my yahoo account as of Wednesday July 2nd.

    Gonig to Gmail from now on.