LinkedIn customers right to pursue damages in email lawsuit

LinkedIn are facing a lawsuit after it was reported the professional networking company accessed customers external email accounts, as well as downloading users contacts and addresses.

LinkedIn violated customers’ privacy rights for marketing purposes, which means customers’ can now move on and pursue damages for revenue it made from using email address books.

The decision allowing LinkedIn customers’ to pursue damages for revenue was made by US district judge Lucy H. Koh in San Jose, California. The ruling followed the judge’s decision made earlier when the Google privacy case involved email users, which were significant of the search engine firm’s policies.

The claims against LinkedIn and Google, and additionally one preceding Koh against Yahoo Inc, have brought up novel issues about how wiretap laws instituted before the Internet apply to the organizations’ utilization of masses of information created when individuals send messages and surf on the web.

Clients of the world’s most mainstream proficient site agreed to LinkedIn’s sending a “support email” to enlist their contacts to the site, Koh said in her ruling. The judge said the organization’s practice of then sending update messages to contacts that hadn’t reacted was good enough reason for the claim to go ahead – this is most definitely ground for a lawsuit according to the ruling.

“This type of injury, using an individual’s name for personalised marketing purposes, is precisely the type of harm that California’s common law right of publicity is geared toward preventing,” Koh wrote. “Nothing in LinkedIn’s disclosures alerts users to the possibility that their contacts will receive not just one invitation, but three.”

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Source - Bloomberg

LinkedIn customers right to pursue damages in email lawsuit