Twitter vs Facebook, YouTube in World Cup advertising supremacy

The three supreme social media networks Twitter, Facebook and YouTube will be the ones playing most dominant when it comes to World Cup 2014 advertising, Brazil football games will be the social event of the year.

Marketing efforts during the World Cup 2014 football tournament in Brazil will be highlighted as much as possible by Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, but what one will earn the most revenue from World Cup advertising?

World Cup sponsor Adidas has launched a massive advertising campaign, The Guardian reports just 20% of marketing spend was digital during the 2010 World Cup, TV and Radio will play a big part in advertisements’ but it will be social media being the most dominant, more people are on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube rather than TV these days.

During the World Cup Adidas will be spending more on digital marketing rather than TV airtime, 2014 marketing expenditure is expected to be around $1.3 billion with most of it going to digital.

60 percent of British alone tweet while watching TV, and if you look at our previous article on Twitter making FIFA World Cup 2010 a bigger event, 3,283 tweets were sent during the Japan vs Denmark match by the time the match had reached 3-1 victory to Japan – It shows Twitter is powerful, especially when it comes to advertising.

Sponsors’ will benefit highly with social media, the Adidas campaign, Ronaldo is part of the Nike’s World Cup campaign. Ronaldo is the most followed footballer in social media, and you can be sure his 26.5 million followers on Twitter will be tweeting when he plays. When he tweeted a link to the Nike’s second World Cup TV ad spot on YouTube the tweet boosted views by 70 million within a few days.

Read more about why during the Brazil World Cup social media will be the advertising winner over on The Guardian, the stats are rather interesting.

Twitter vs Facebook, YouTube in World Cup advertising supremacy