Social media platform statistics for marketing content

Choosing the right social media channel for your content does not have to be hard, but understanding the importance of your audience can be somewhat daunting at first. So many platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest all have different ways of reaching out to users, choosing the best one for content strategy is the hard part.

Driving the content you create with promotion can easily be done with social media platforms, and by targeting them is the key.

The infographic below put together by Web Marketing Group is very informative indeed, and the stats should help those understand the right social media channels for content marketing.

The inforgraphic goes into detail covering ‘Who are you targeting’, ‘Choosing between paid, earned or owned channels’, ‘Benefits’, it also gives stats on ‘Effort vs. Budget’, ‘The Competition’, as well as learning more about what platforms brands are using.

80% of Pinterest users are female, 54% of Twitter users are male, this is very important to know for when you need to share content. 45% of Internet users are aged 65+ use Facebook, and its users in the UK are more likely to be female aged between 25 and 34, but Twitter and Facebook have the most affluent users.

When it comes to what social platforms brands are using, 86% use Facebook and the same percentage for Twitter, 59% YouTube, 54% LinkedIn, Pinterest 37% Google Plus 35%, and 14% of brands use Instagram.

Please do look at the stats below within the infographic – What social platform channel do you use to drive the content you create?

Social media platform statistics for marketing content

choosing the right channel for your content