PayPal CEO David Marcus congratulated on Facebook position

Mark Zuckerberg got together with PayPal CEO David Marcus and after a successful vision of persuasion Marcus has taken on a new path with Facebook to lead messaging products.

When David Marcus is on board we will all get to see how Facebook can make money from its Messenger app, two ways explained by Forbes include a money transfer service and stickers, please do read what they have to say as its interesting.

The president of eBay’s payments business PayPal will be moving over to Facebook after June 27, which is his last day as PayPal CEO. He joined PayPal 3 years ago through the acquisition of his company, Zong but now he has decided after long thoughts to head over to Facebook.

David Marcus has got a lot of response after he made his own Facebook status explaining his move, he said right at the end of his message, “PayPals, you will always be in my heart. Know that I’ll be a proud witness of your wins, and successes.” He has had 134 comments, 944 likes and 63 shares on this post.

PayPal took around 41% of eBay’s revenue in 2013 with 148m active accounts. Mark Zuckerberg would like everything it seems, he has just poached David Marcus, Facebook bought WhatsApp, Oculus VR, ProtoGeo Oy, Web conversation platform Branch and so many more.

Please remember that David Marcus will only be working on Messenger and not WhatsApp – What do you think David Marcus will do to earn money on Messenger?

Source - Facebook Press Release

PayPal CEO David Marcus congratulated on Facebook position