Fighting for the twitter edit button

Both Facebook and Google Plus have it, but for some reason Twitter does not want to add the edit button, which is madness. If you make a mistake when writing a tweet out you have to make sure it is correct because you cannot amend them.

Fighting for the twitter edit button

It’s unfortunate Twitter has not added the edit button because we are guessing millions would love to see it, once you post a tweet it cannot be changed if you spot a mistake or spelling error etc. The only options you have is to either strike through the whole tweet letting followers know you have generally made an error, or you have to completely delete the tweet, which many do not recommend.

Has Twitter forgotten to add the button, or are they adamant they are not going to add it? On Facebook, users can see if a friend has edited their message, this is because under the message the word ‘Edited’ is on show.

Maybe Twitter does not want the edit button because it could embarrass people if they have to edit, personally its more embarrassing leaving a tweet there with a mistake so majority will delete and then retype then tweet the refreshed message. Its simple Twitter, just add the ‘Edit Button’ but do not let others know someone has editing their tweet.

We all have to remember that when a tweet has been deleted the tweet has not entirely gone from the system, it will still exist sort of thanks to traditional user-generated RTs, if you used a hashtag within the deleted tweet it could be archived in the hashtag archiving sites.

Twitter introduced the ‘Mute Button’, which to be fair we find totally pointless, the ‘Edit Button’ seems to more practical. If Twitter added an edit button a user could publish a tweet and have a certain amount of time before they could no longer use the button, in a nutshell if the time limit passes the edit button could be locked, which blocks the user in using it.

Mistakes need to be edited within a timescale; this would be brilliant if they opted for this type of editing method. Twitter could make a game of it so to speak, users only get so many edit rights in a one week period and if they make more than the allocated mistakes the edit button disappears for a certain amount of time and then Twitter highlights them – We are joking here, but it would be fun right!

Do you think Twitter should add the edit button?

  • bjornsnoen

    You might want to find the ‘edit button’ for this article. Your spelling is bad, and your grammar is atrocious. I guess it goes with your point though.