YouTube ban in Turkey vs revival after verdict

YouTube in Turkey has been banned since March 27 but can now be unblocked after the court ruled they have the right to free speech.

YouTube ban in Turkey vs revival after verdict

Turkey’s constitutional court ruling on Thursday revealed the ban on YouTube profaned individual rights and freedoms, clearing the manner for access to the service to be revived following a two-month ban.

Transportation Minister Lutfi Elvan, who is additionally accountable of communications, aforesaid the court ruling had not reached the relevant government agencies and this is why the ban has not been lifted as of yet.

YouTube ban in Turkey vs revival after verdict
Access to YouTube will be restored as soon as the government agencies receive confirmation of the court verdict.

The YouTube ban in Turkey was put into place after the video sharing site used a top-secret security-meeting leak, and this consisted of intelligence, military and government officials and talks of war scenarios inside bordering Syria.

The Turkish government also banned Twitter in March, which you can read more about here. The YouTube ban in Turkey ruling will be in some minds a step back for Turkey’s democracy – what do you think?

“The decision by Turkey’s highest court to lift the ban on YouTube would be greeted warmly by advocates of free speech and political independents here in Turkey,” Al Jazeera’s Anita McNaught, reporting from Istanbul, said.