Maya Angelou funeral protest by WBC

Twitter is a powerful informative social media network on most occasions, but in some cases a lot of hurtful things can be spread in no time at all for millions to read, and after Maya Angelou sadly passing away last week thousands took to Twitter to send their condolences, but Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) had no kind messages at all.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion on social media sites and majority of the time when someone passes away kind messages are tweeted. This cannot be said about Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) because they have posted a fair few Twitter messages, which are not what you call sympathetic.

The funeral service of Maya Angelou is being held on Saturday morning as reported by WXII and is being held at the Wake Forest University campus (Wait Chapel).

Many RIP tweets were coming in but not from WBC, instead they tweeted “No RIP Maya Angelou. She was a staunch devil child who esteemed the love of the world more than the honor of God,” WBC have been said to be infamous when it comes to picketing funerals of those of high profile status, like when they picketed Whitney Houston’s funeral in 2012 – and now they plan to do it to Maya Angelou.

Take a look at the WBC tweets below –

Maya Angelou who many call a phenomenal woman has social sites such as Facebook and Twitter and she has many followers, on Facebook she has 5,545,338 likes and on Twitter she has 484K. For all the latest Maya Angelou news do follow these sites. You may want to search Google for Maya Angelou quotes as these seem rather popular.

What are your views on what WBC have to say about Maya Angelou?

Maya Angelou funeral protest by WBC