Google Plus hashtags for marketers

Hashtags are very popular over on Twitter, but other social networking sites such as Facebook and Google Plus are now using them. The importance of using a hashtag can be either your success or your downfall, it all depends how you are using them.

Google Plus hashtags for marketers

The reason for hashtags is simple really, they are there to find relevant conversations, participation and of course the ability to be placed on the hashtag search pages of the particular word.

For example if I posted something on Google Plus like “Using hashtags for social marketing is a sure fire way of grabbing the audiences’ attention, use them wrongly and this would be your pitfall.” So what words are most important here? Well, this is where you do a little research and the infographic below will help you along your way in being knowledgeable in using Google Plus hashtags.

You cannot just place a hashtag within your content you want to post on your Google Plus page or in communities, it all depends on what you write determines if you should use them or not. We all know Google Plus automatically adds hashtags to your content, but I would still use my own as well.

If you want a larger audience you need to engage them first, make it easier for them to find you. Always remember Google Plus is NOT Twitter, you need to think a little differently in Google Plus – Follow the infographic below courtesy of Every Post.

The infographic shows you the do’s and don’ts on how to use hashtags, these are useful indeed such as using 2 to 3 hashtags is plenty, using more than that is over doing it, which could potentially do you more harm than good.

Have you got anything really interesting to share about using hashtags in Google Plus?

Google Plus hashtags for marketers