Innovative Social TV product called Canvs

Mashwork, which is a NYC-based startup that specializes in social media analytics has launched an innovative Social TV product called Canvs, which was recently featured on The Atlantic and DM News. I think you will find it to be an extremely timely product release based on where the Social TV market is heading!

Canvs by Mashwork is the first Social TV product that goes beyond volumetric buzz measures to reveal the emotions that drive conversation. TV network marketers, production teams, and ad sales researchers to gain the insights they need to connect better with their audience and sell more ads can use these insights.

What problem are they trying to solve?
Marketers need context, not just volume. Sentiment tools currently on the market often aren’t accurate, and the value judgments they make—positive, negative, or neutral—usually aren’t relevant to the decisions marketers have to make.

Canvs changes all of that by providing context for entertainment marketers while saving hours of labor for social TV analysts, who currently must take on the time-consuming task of manually calculating qualitative insights. In delivering Social TV reporting for some of the largest entertainment brands in the word over the last four years, Canvs has built what is arguably the single largest emotional knowledge base in the business. Building off this ontology, the technology is able to organize similar words into useful emotional categories.

How can TV network marketers use Canvs?
They can now use Canvs to identify characters and plots that resonate with their audience and create promos accordingly.

Which networks are already working with Canvs?
BET, HBO, MTV, Comedy Central, and Spike TV.

What are they saying about the platform?
JP Lespinasse, Senior Director, Social Media at BET: “Canvs fills a gap in the social metrics landscape. No one else has easily understandable, manipulable, accurate sentiment analysis. Canvs is an intuitive platform that helps TV brands identify the most important reactions to their shows while also carving up the data to create actionable insights.”

Scott Calise, Director of Digital Research at Viacom, Comedy Central, and TV Land: “Our franchises generate hundreds of thousands of mentions on Twitter each time they air. Canvs’ ability to organize those conversations into emotional themes is extremely valuable. It helps us tell the social story for our shows and saves my team countless hours of what would otherwise be an extremely manual task.”

Please do watch Canvs - The next generation in social TV analytics promotional video below by Mashwork.

What do you think about the social TV platforn Canvs?

Canvs - The next generation in social TV analytics from Mashwork on Vimeo.

Innovative Social TV product called Canvs