Waptrick UK popularity with top 40

The Waptrick UK top 40 seems to be rather popular over on the download site, users love the ability to download the top 40 free tracks for any chosen month.

Waptrick UK popularity with top 40

Looking over on the Waptrick site we can see the UK Top 40 going back to May 2011, you can also click on all the months in 2012, 2013 and of course this year of 2014.

If you take a look at the UK Top 40 May 2021 the number one slot is taken by Mr. Probz - Waves (Robin Schulz Remix) 2014, number 2 is none other than John Legend with his song All Of Me, which is up from number 4.

There are four pages in May 2014 with 10 tracks on each, it seems the Waptrick UK popularity with the top 40 is in high demand, which is sort of contradicting itself when it comes to its social networking. If the UK Top 40 is so popular on Waptrick why isn’t there Facebook page!

If you take a look over on the official Waptrick Facebook page you will see it has 36,751 fans, but and here is the kicker, its last post was posted on 24 July 2012. Why doesn’t Waptrick post the UK Top 40 tracks onto its Facebook page?

Anyway, please do take a look at the Waptrick UK top 40 here - What is your favorite track in the Waptrick UK top 40?