Using YouTube as a social media marketing tool

Are you thinking about integrating YouTube into your online marketing strategy but you are not sure if it is worth the effort? It is (quite) easy to join different Social Media networks and manage multiple accounts, which work with words, but when talking about video, it gets a little bit more complicated.

YouTube is a Social Media site like Facebook or Twitter, but your main content are videos, so you need to create videos. You upload and share this content with other users, you interact with other users and by commenting on videos you are joining the conversation.

The main difference is that while on other networks you need to keep the conversation going daily, on YouTube you don’t need to upload videos every day, or even every week. You can even keep the conversation going by sharing those videos on your other networks or by comments on other videos.

So, here are some reasons why you should use YouTube as a Social Media tool

It helps you getting online exposure. YouTube is part of Google. Little more to say about this… if you want to rank higher in Google it makes sense to use all of Google’s tools. And it’s the second largest search engine!

B2C Company
If you are a B2C company, this is a no-brainer. According to surveys, YouTube is only behind Facebook and Twitter as the most Popular Social network for B2C marketers. But even if you are a B2B company, your clients are also YouTube users, so do not understimate the value of video.

Your Audience
If your audience is aged 18 to 34, you need to target them on YouTube. According to Nielsen, YouTube reaches them more than any other cable network in U.S. Nevertheless, if your target audience is below or over that range, you will still reach them via YouTube.

Creating Content
You are creating content for your other Social Media networks too. It is like uploading images along with your words, but with videos. Your own videos. And posts with images or videos are more likely to be seen (and they have higher click-through rate).

Other resources
Yes, you have the resources to manage another Social Media Network. You are probably using Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and/or others to promote your business, and they already seem to many for the resources (mainly human resources) you have. Creating good content (this is, videos) for YouTube can be time consuming, but if you have the right resources it is worth giving it a go. Videos can also be made of static images, like presentations. Or you can even use consumer-generated videos. There are few low-cost options that you can use.

Products and Services
If your products and services can be demonstrated, you need a video for them. From make-up to sofas, mostly any product can be easily showcased. For some services it can get complicated, but there should be always a way to show what you do. Also, getting people to use your products and upload their videos will definitely help you to spread your word. But it is not all about advertising your products; you need to show them in a way that is helpful and meaningful for your audience!

Video Marketing
If you are already using videos in your marketing, you can re-use them. Do you use videos to promote your products and services? If you already have the tools and expertise needed to create videos (a camera and common sense usually work too), it is easy to adapt them and share them through your YouTube channel.

YouTube Competition
If your competition has a YouTube channel, you should have one. You do not want to look like you are copying all your competitors do, but if businesses similar to yours are doing it, you might not want to be left behind.

Interaction and Engagement

Interaction and engagement with viewers helps you to increase customer loyalty. Your customers see the human side of your brand. Yes, other networks provide this too, but with YouTube people can actually SEE or HEAR humans.

Free Analytics Tools
You will have available free analytics tools, which you can use to cross-reference the data you have obtained through other networks.

Click Through Rates
CTR (Click Through Rates) are higher for videos than the text and image. It is a good way of directing viewers to your site.

If you feel like you really want to use YouTube as a Social Media tool but still you are completely lost on how to do it, all you need is to hire someone to be in charge of it or even a social media agency, as you might also want to include advertising as part of YouTube campaign.

And the 1 main tip when using YouTube as part of your marketing strategy is: always create and share content that is relevant to what your ideal customer is searching for on the Internet.

OSM would like to thank Jessica Wight (@JessicaWight3) for her YouTube knowledge, copywriter at Gloc Media, a social media agency in London.

Using YouTube as a Social Media marketing tool

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