Creative social media infographic in real-time

There are so many social media infographics online, but nothing even comes close to the new ‘The Internet in real-time Infographic’. This is live and will change in front of your eyes as you watch the stats.

Creative social media infographic in real-time

Infographics are brilliant in the way they allow us to know what is going on, it basically cuts out all the reading process.

So what is so good about this Internet in real-time Infographic?
It is live and changes all the time, it never sits still. This one is very interesting indeed and offers so much insight, thanks to Penny Stocks Lab this interactive infographic will show you how many Twitter accounts were created and how many tweets were made.

It also shows you statistics of YouTube, Facebook, Google Plus +1s, Google searches and ad revenue, LinkedIn user searches, Foursquare check-ins, how many Gmail emails sent and so much more.

In our eyes this is the best and most creative infographic ever made, when we was watching it at the bottom it said, “ By the way, in the 620 seconds you’ve been on this page, approximately 13995880 GB of data was transferred over the internet.”

What do you think of the Internet in real-time Infographic?

Please do click on the image below to see the live infographic in motion to see how quickly data is generated.

Click the image to open the interactive version (via Penny Stocks Lab).