Bucks daughter Mallory Edens Twitter breaks 46.5k

Mallory Edens is the daughter of the Milwaukee Bucks new owner, and before the NBA draft lottery this week the beautiful 18 year-old only had 249 Twitter followers, but this all changed after Tuesday.

Bucks daughter Mallory Edens Twitter breaks 46.5k

18-year NBA Draft lottery sensation Mallory Edens now has a staggering 46.5k Twitter followers and climbing, even though her father Wesley Edens is the new owner of the Bucks she is actually a Knicks fan.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday she was a normal high school senior, and today she is a Twitter sensation with men falling at her toes, she has even had twitter marriage proposals.

The reason she became so popular is because she was on the stage at Tuesday’s NBA draft lottery in Manhattan, this is when Milwaukee landed the No. 2 pick. Not really much more to say other than well-done Mallory Edens on your Twitter success.

One of her tweets says, “Holiday weekends are for writing by the pool… (because I said so)” and links to Instagram showing a picture of her laptop next to a swimming pool. One comment reply said, “You taking the wrong pics,” another tweeter said he was robbed because he thought it was going to be a picture of her and not a computer.

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