Google Plus Stories now showing and ready to use

Google Plus users can now start using the new ‘Stories’ tool, which basically uses Google Plus users videos, places and photos to make them into an interactive simulation movie.

Once you have learned how to use the new Google Plus Stories and Movies you can share the animation via the social networking site for all to see.

You may have gone on holiday, or was at a wedding and wish to make something of it. Well, this new tool will help you because it allows you to select your own photos of your choice from a particular album, even or place and will arrange them like a scrapbook so to speak.

The new Google Plus Stories will show up on users web profiles from May 26, we can actually see it now. If you do not see it there you have to go the long way around things to create one now, which is explained in detail via the official Google blog, it will be available to apps as well after this date.

Before doing what we have said below just go to your Google Plus profile, just click the drop-down tab top left, then click ‘Photos’, once you are in there you will see tabs Highlights, All Photos etc, just click on the ‘More’ tab and the ‘Stories’, the rest is self-explanatory.

All, even those not really into video editing, will love the new Google Plus Movies tool. Before it goes live on Google Plus users can do it now using this method, just back up your videos and photos to Google Plus using this tool, and then after let the Auto Awesome toll do the rest.

What do you think of the new Google Plus Stories feature?

Google Plus Stories now showing and ready to use