Celebrities read own insulting tweets on Kimmel Live

Millions of celebrities are on Twitter and sometimes they do get insulted by a few followers, but when we read the abusive tweets they are now and then funny but not as funny as the celebrities’ reading their own mean tweets.

Why on earth haters follow celebs they do not like is beyond us but they do, in the latest ‘Celebrities Read Mean Tweets #7’ on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show comes some very funny tweets that will send tears down your eyes.

On the Jimmy Kimmel Live show they have looked at the latest celebrity Twitter insults in its 7th edition of Mean Tweets.

In this edition the celebrities include Julia Roberts, Andy Garcia, Courteney Cox, David Blaine, Ethan Hawke, Mindy Kaling, Don Cheadle, Matthew McConaughey, Kit Harrington, Emma Stone, Don Rickles, Jeremy Piven, Sofia Vergara, Ashton Kutcher, Gary Oldman and June Squibb.

Please do watch the video below courtesy of YouTube channel Jimmy Kimmel Live, which has garnered 3,939,209 views in one day.

Apparently according to one tweet Julia Roberts is hot but she has a big mouth that could devour an elephant, our favorites comes from Oscar nominee June Squibb, not saying what she says here so please watch the video – wow.

Watch the video then please do answer this question – What is your favorite celebrity tweet reading?

Celebrities read own insulting tweets with Kimmel