Social awareness of Hero cat saves boy from dog

A CCTV camera filmed a little boy being attacked by a dog whilst riding his bike, the YouTube video titled ‘My Cat Saved My Son’ went viral and should be part of a social awareness campaign against dangerous dogs.

Social awareness of Hero cat saves boy from dog

The hero cat in the video can be clearly seen using its jumping skills on the dog to scare it away from the young boy, before you watch the video below please be aware at the end there are scenes of a graphic nature that not all will like.

Four-year-old Jeremy Triantafilo from California was mauled by an 8-month-old Labrador-Chow mix, the dog has now been euthanized to stop further attacks.

The YouTube video was uploaded by Roger Triantafilo on 14 May 2014, and since then has gained 21,407,792, and this should be the main video of dangerous dog campaign. The comments under the YouTube video are well worth reading, some are just so crazy some do not believe what others have write.

One question sticks out in people’s minds after watching the attack video, and this is “Why did the mom run away?” The father of the boy replied that mother checked her sons wounds and made sure the dog did not come back to attack again, the owners of the dog did pin it down and she was bit also. The owners did take full control of the dog and secured him then the mom returned to the boy – The original comment from the boy’s father in under the video in the YouTube description.

The cat is a hero, dogs like this should be shared on all social media sites to show how dangerous dogs can be, and some people have said all dogs should be kept on a lead in urban areas.

What are your views about the cat saving the boy from the dog attack?