Real-time social media effect on the European Elections

Socialbakers is monitoring Facebook in real-time to see how the different candidates and parties fare on social media. It’s a part of the ongoing look into elections taking place around the world, throughout the year, during which more than 42% of the world’s population will have the chance to decide who will lead them.

They created a gorgeous microsite titled ‘European Parliament Elections 2014’ that tallies new statistics daily to create an as-it-happens history of these momentous elections.

The site is very good indeed and shows the social media metrics and interactions etc, the general Facebook stats of José Bové European Green Party, Jean-Claude Juncker European People’s Party, Ska Keller European Green Party, Martin Schulz Party of European Socialists, Alexis Tsipras Party of the European Left and Guy Verhofstadt Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party are being monitored.

From today May 22 to 25, Socialbakers will be on top of things when Europeans line up to vote. They are now monitoring Facebook in real-time to see the difference between parties and presidential candidates fare on the social networking site.

Socilbakers will be monitoring general Facebook stats such as how many fans the candidates’ have, politician performance and total interactions, distribution of interactions, and top posts by politicians.

Please do check out the real-time social media’s effect on the European Elections via Socialbakers microsite.

Real-time social media effect on the European Elections