European Election 2014 where political parties stand

Today, polling stations across the UK will open for the European election. But it’s really hard to cut through the party political bickering to get to the real facts about where the parties stand on actual issues!

No matter what your politics are - the European election gives us a chance to spread the news on where political parties stand on the issues 38 Degrees members care about.

What will the Tories or Labour do in the EU to crack down on tax dodging? What will the Lib Dems do to protect our bees? Where do the Greens stand on international trade deals like TTIP? This week, thousands of 38 Degrees members have pulled together to make scorecards, which rank where the parties stand on the issues we all care about.

All political parties standing in the EU election were asked to respond to the issues 38 Degrees members prioritised as the most important. Not all of them responded. But the ones that did then had their answers rated out of 5 by thousands of us. And to help make sure it was impartial, the political parties’ names weren’t linked to any of their answers. So, 38 Degrees members didn’t know who they were scoring.

Please share the results with your friends and family? It’ll help them cast their votes based on the issues - not on party politics. Either share this article with the world or simply click on the share buttons below.

Only 35% of the UK electorate voted in the 2009 European election. But groups like 38 Degrees prove that we’re not apathetic and we do care about the issues that affect us all. So hopefully these results will help lots more people cast their vote on the issues, not on personalities.

If you’re still unsure who to vote for, you can also decide to spoil your ballot paper - it shows that people do care, but don’t agree with the choices on the ballot. Please do have a read of this European Elections issues poll article here, worth a read. And remember, you might need your umbrella to get to the polling station tomorrow.

Will you be voting today at your local polling station?

European Election 2014 where political parties stand