Hangouts update for Gmail, Google Plus, Chrome

A couple of days ago the news of Google redesigning Gmail was let out, even though Google has not yet announced this. But, before this new Gmail design is put into place they has revamped Hangouts in Gmail, Google Plus and the extension for Chrome.

Hangouts update for Gmail, Google Plus, Chrome

If you visit the Gmail Google Plus page they provide a few details of improvements to Hangouts in Gmail, but these improvements have also been added to Google Plus and extension for Chrome according to Google Plus Daily.

The changes include a number of things including the listing of conversations Hangouts data; there is a new green indicator to let you know if anyone in your Hangouts is available. Improvements also include new emojis’ being it your happy, angry etc, which will aloow your friends to know what mood you are in at that particular time.

So, when a contact is available you will see a green dot and you can get a hold of them. Profiles pictures are now round, and the ability to change emoticons to let other G Plus users know what mood you are in.

Setting moods in Hangouts web version at last, the rollout has already begun so if you havent got just yet please be patient.

Have you got the new Hangouts mood update?