Iranian women’s rights movement to remove hijabs

In many countries there are dress codes that means women have to by law cover their heads with hijabs, Iran is one of these countries and the hijab is not ever-present in urban areas before the Revolution. But not wearing these can lead to imprisonment and or lashings.

Iranian women’s rights movement to remove hijabs

Iranian women are now taking to a new Facebook page titled ‘Stealthy Freedoms of Iranian Women’ it was only set up on May 3 and has already gained 174,000 likes.

The normally hijab wearing women are taking to Facebook to post pictures of themselves free from the scarf on beaches, mountainsides and many other places in the open, many are holding their hijabs up high and letting them fly in the wind.

Masih Alinejad is the admin of the Facebook page and it was her that posted the first picture of herself without her headscarf on May 2.

One commenter said they have should given the choice to wear a scarf or not she may have worn one, but it is hard when others make the decisions for her she said, also going on to saying her picture is grey just like her life – you can see the picture on the Facebook page above.

The Facebook page does say in its description that the initiative is not connected to any political group, punishment is less fierce after the Islamic Revolution but still punishable.

Do you think Iranian women have the right to choose to wear a hijab or not, and what do you think of the Facebook page?

Source – Huffington Post