Google Glass idea hopefully misses lawsuit

The new Google Glass project could start off a Google lawsuit, which hopefully will not happen because this is a brilliant little product everyone should have.

Google Glass idea hopefully misses lawsuit

As we all know Google Glass is a high-class quality and imitations should not be accepted, but this ‘Glass’ is an etched tumbler that can actually take on any form of liquid.

This is a type of glass that will never return any results other than the liquid you put in it, this is a piece of cutting edge piece of hardware. When released to the market they will be three types of Google Glasses’, under the Google Search bar there will be and etching saying either ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ or ‘Search For Beverage’.

The third choice is a personalised Google Glass, you could have your name, someone else’s name or even your business, website etc laser etched into the search bar. Any text up to 20 characters or less can be added to the Glass.

The campaign goal has been reached and it does not end until late June, this is when surveys will be sent out for choice of version, personalisation options and addresses will happen, laser etching will begin in early July and within this month laser etching, packaging printing and shipping will commence and by the end of July consumers will have their Google Glass dependant on how popular the campaign is.

21 backers have pledged £631 of a £500 and the project campaign still has 39 days to go. You can pledge between £1 and £5000, obviously the £1 one will not get you a Google Glass – Place your pledge over on Kickstarter.

Hopefully Google will see the fun side of this and the designer Shed Simove doesn’t get slapped with a Google lawsuit, the Google Glass tumbler is not an official Google product but the designer hopes Google approves seeing it has an homage to a great brand.

Would you buy the Google Glass Tumbler?