Yahoo Mail policy update frustrating for some

Many Yahoo Mail users are still having problems, but the answer could be a simple process even though the policy update may be a little frustrating for some.

Yahoo Mail policy update frustrating for some

On May 7th we reported about the Yahoo Mail problems, which included login issues as well as users not being able to send or receive emails. So much so many comments are still coming in from users.

A few of the comments said, “Continuing problem messages like “try again”, network connection, etc. Not at my end, at theirs. Very frustrating. Probably will make my Gmail account the new principal account,” another user said they have been having problems for a long time, most of the time the homepage has an error message saying page cannot be found.

Yahoo Mail users are getting sick and tired of the issues now and demanding it be fixed, One OSM Facebook user asked this questioned, “I have had no Yahoo email, send or receive, for a week. I cant even get the Yahoo page to open, it just keeps saying ‘Server Not Found” so I can’t even contact yahoo to get help. Once when the page did come up, clicking on any news stories on that page again came up with server not found. No login, No Mail, No Help page, No Yahoo page period. I’ve tried 3 browsers, no luck. I’m in Australia. I can access all other websites, just not Yahoo.” Can anyone HELP Please?????

In return to the question above another Facebook user said, “I changed my Internet provider from BT Internet to Talk Talk. BT told me that they would discontinue my email unless I returned to BT or pay a monthly premium for the email address. The cancellation of my email is to happen about now. Maybe this is what has happened in your case.”

All that said and done above Yahoo did officially make a statement, as of June 5 Yahoo users need to update their browsers, the new updated policy means Yahoo Mail is updating its supported web browser policy to cover only the two most recent versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari.

If users do not update to the latest version of their browser they will no longer get the full goodness of Yahoo Mail, in a nutshell users will go back to a basic email version, which does not include spell check, chat or themes.

The most affected will be those running Internet Explorer 8, which is now five years old. Maybe because of this new update by Yahoo its mail service has been getting the brunt of downtime.

Try updating your current browser and see if you your Yahoo Email works properly again – If you do try this please let us know if it works or not?