New Gmail redesign leaves Google speechless

Google is all about being clean with nice lines, they have already achieved this with Search, Google Plus, Gmail and many more products, but a new Gmail redesign update could make things even more simplified.

There are rumors of Google being in the process of redesigning Gmail, which will be radically different in the way we see and use it. Allowing users to interact with Google Mail is the way forward and the redesign will make sense to some and of course there will be those not liking it at all. reports Google testing new web-based Gmail features, which could be the best and largest Gmail redesign in a ling while. Gmail has seen some radical changes over the last year with our favorite being the new added tab Inbox / Social / Promotions, plus ones you can add yourself.

If you look at the screenshots here you will see on the left side in Gmail the normal Google Hangouts instant messaging, folders, email labels etc have been removed, these have been replaced with less-cluttered sliding menu.

Bottom right in Gmail is where you will find the new compose email, setting reminders, remind me to etc, the new interface takes away the ability to switch between contacts, email, and tasks, because it has now been replaced with a pop up menu – looks a lot nicer.

New Gmail pins replace the starred emails (Email that can be flagged as important), the emails can also be set in snooze mode, which will return to the top of the inbox t a later date. Google has only ever made subtle changes to Gmail in the past, so if this new Gmail redesign does come off it will be the largest to date.

Google has stayed silent about the new Gmail redesign, as soon as they make an announcement we will let you know.

Will Google release the new Gmail design to the general public, if they do what are your views on what you know so far?

New Gmail redesign leaves Google speechless