ISS camera UFO pictures hitting social networks

The ISS HD live camera shots has apparently revealed a UFO, NASA placed a few high-definition cameras in space just outside the International Space Station and many images have been coming in for space research and commerce.

ISS camera UFO pictures hitting social networks

But, UFO hunters have been on the edge of their seats after sightings of unidentified objects were spotted and then posted on YouTube.

The video below titled ‘UFO - Shooting with the ISS Zoom + Filters - May 10, 2014’ was posted onto the myunhauzen74 YouTube channel, and the second video titled ‘Bright UFO at ISS - 9th May 2014’ posted by Streetcap1 can be seen below as well.

Some may say this is ridiculous and just mere flashes, and some have said there are aliens above Earth and these images are of a UFO. Captured on May 9, 2022 an apparent UFO burning as bright as the Moon was spotted near the Space Station.

You can visit here to see the live ISS HD Earth viewing experiment, also known as the HDEV, which was activated on April 30. The videos from these mounted cameras are beamed backed to Earth as well as being streamed live.

The ISS camera UFO sightings are also hitting the likes of Twitter with many tweeting how they feel about it all - Danny Robb tweeted, “All these mugs crying “UFO” at things on the ISS feed. There are 100′s of satellites in low earth orbit. 20000+ pieces of space junk.’

Something a little strange with the tweet by @UFObureau, which says “People Keep Spotting UFOs On Nasa’s HD ISS Live Stream #ufo” but for some unknown reason the picture is no longer showing. For many more tweets please visit this Twitter search page on ISS UFO.

Please do watch the videos below and then answer this question – Do you believe the ISS camera UFO pictures are real or fake?