LinkedIn user portrait statistics 2014

The new ‘Portrait of a LinkedIn user 2014 Edition’ by LinkedIn training and marketing expert Wayne Breitbath’s is rather interesting indeed. This yearly user survey shows you how people are using LinkedIn’s unlimited potential, a staggering 81% said yes when asked if they are currently using the free LinkedIn account, 18% said no with 1% not sure.

LinkedIn user portrait statistics 2014

We all know LinkedIn is a professional social media tool and if used properly can work for almost anyone, when it comes to first level connections it shows most have between 500 and 999.

On an average when asked how many LinkedIn groups are you a member of, 33.1% said they had 1 to 9, with 23.6% having 10 to 19.

How many hours per week do you spend on LinkedIn? Amazingly the majority at 43.2% said they only spend 0 to 2 hours per week on LinkedIn, with only 11.8% going on for more than 8 hours per week.

The most favorite LinkedIn feature that has proven to be helpful is ‘Who’s viewed your profile’ with 75.7%, on the lower end of the statistics 26.4% said they liked the ‘Searching for people in groups’.

Please do take a look at the ‘Portrait of a LinkedIn User 2014’ below – What do you love most about LinkedIn and why?

Linkedin Infographic
Via: PowerFormula for Linkedin Success