Jane Pountney Twitter suspension puzzlement

After the Jane Pountney and Kieran Hayler affair the tweets have been coming in thick and fast, this all started after Katie Price tweeted on her account. So why was the @JanePoutney account suspended?

Katie Price’s friend Jane Pountney has said in a statement she regrets her affair with Katie’s husband Kieran Hayler, apparently she and her husband Derek wish that the press leave them alone.

But after this statement and Katie’s Twitter messages (Shown Below) the tweets are coming in fast on how they feel about the fling. Heat World reports Jane not having a Twitter account and has no intention of setting one up – but this is where the confusion may set in for some.

The @JanePoutney was indeed a real account, but we have no way of confirming if it was for this Jane Poutney, the reason we say this because everyone seems to be tweeting with @JanePoutney within the tweets when her name is actually ‘Pountney’ and maybe this is why she has never had a Twitter account.

When you visit @JanePoutney it does say ‘Sorry, that user is suspended’

The tweets are coming in fast after Katie Price said, “Sorry to say me and kieran are divorcing him and my best friend jane pountney bee having a full blown sexual affair for 7 months.”

Some of the Twitter responses were a little harsh and some say this is why she deleted her Twitter account - Natalie Leech tweeted “@JanePoutney I can’t imagine this is “janepoutneys” real account. It’s obviously a fake. Why would any1 act like this. Only 2 get publicity.”

hahhaa @JanePoutney deleted her twitter, many other tweets came flying in after the latest news such as “@JanePoutney: Does this mean I’m related to Peter Andre now?” by Hannah Grounds.

Katie Price Twitter Messages

Other tweets

What are your views on what Jane Pountney did to Katie Price?

Jane Pountney twitter suspension after concern