Five companies using social media in unexpected ways

Dell, Morton’s, Unisys, KLM and ABC are five of the best companies rocking social media, and they have some unexpected ways to engage its customers.

Five companies using social media in unexpected ways

Social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook are key to success when engagement is concerned, social media is the definitive way brands can socially engage and provide a means of exposure.

Answer this simple question, “Would you prefer social media or phone interactivity?

Social media is very strong indeed and in a way phones are no longer needed, lets take a quick look at how the companies mentioned above are rocking social media.

Thanks to Squirrly’s infographic we can see why; we have broken it down for easier reading. Dell alone monitors 22,000 Dell-related topic posts, they can indentify customer service issues as well as brand evangelists.

Unisys built its very own social knowledge-sharing platform for employees called ‘My Site,” which helps them build credentials and network with colleagues - We will let you know read the rest below.

How do you use social media to help your company?