Eminem Headlights video vs bunny eating raspberries

Two videos that might pull at the heart strings include a little bunny rabbit eating a raspberry, and the other one with Eminem rapping about his mum, which is perfect for Mothers’ Day yesterday in US.

Eminem Headlights video vs bunny eating raspberries

The two videos are perfect and pull on the heartstrings in two different ways, the first video titled ‘Eminem - Headlights ft. Nate Ruess’ is rather sad but beautiful at the same time, the second video is simply titled ‘Bunny Eating Raspberries!’ and it looks like the little bunny has lipstick on.

The Eminem Headlights ft. Nate Ruess was uploaded on the EminemVEVO YouTube channel yesterday and has already amassed 2,390,243, which is fantastic. What a way to celebrate Mothers Day, beautiful. The awesome Spike Lee directed the video and it highlights his mother and the negative rap references in previous music.

The troubled relationship between Eminem and his mother Debbie Matters is all explained very well in the video, and at the end we suggest tissues. For Eminem Fans - Eminem Wembley Tour Tickets 2014 are now on sale right here – July 11 / July 12.

The Bunny Eating Raspberries! Video was uploaded onto the 929 The Bull TV YouTube channel on 9 May 2022 and has already gained 6,466,761.

What YouTube video do you prefer the most, the bunny or Eminem?