Yahoo mail login problem, down for some

Social networking site Twitter responses are coming in at the moment when it comes to Yahoo Mail, there seems to be an outage problem for some and the issue of sending and receiving emails.

Yahoo mail login problem, down for some

For now Yahoo Mail seems to be up and running, but this is not stopping those commenting over on Down Detector and Twitter reporting such issues mentioned above.

The last time Yahoo Mail had issues was on May 5, 2022 at 11:15PM. There was 44% with read mail issues, 38% with login problems and receiving email / send e-mail to Yahoo at 16%.

We here at OSM logged in to out Yahoo account and all seems to be up and running ok, so this tells us it is an individual problem and not site / global wide.

Over on Twitter we checked using the #yahoomail hashtag and it seems there are a few issues, Solange tweeted “#YahooMail is not letting any #Feedburner email from my favorite #Bloggers be delivered. They are all bouncing.” Anna Stern tweeted, β€œMy #yahoomail has been down for an hour at least!!! How long will this go one for @yahoomail ?!?!”

Here are a few other tweets –

When you visit Down Detector many comments have come in other the last 24 hours, Yahoo Mail users seem to be having problems logging in, not being able to send or receive emails. One user said that they are seriously considering going over to Gmail if Yahoo does not correct itself soon.

Are you having Yahoo Mail problems?

  • Hilly B

    Sick and tired of Yahoo problems…error code 4 AGAIN!!!!

  • Linda

    How do you get a real person at Yahoo. My email has been usurped by a foreign email address that is now listed as my primary email address and it won’t let me delete it and change to my own address.

  • Sakyi prosper

    I can’t open my account, all that appear is “not trusted server certificate” pls I really need to open my account now.

  • carla

    been having problems for along time. a lot of times the home page error says page can not be displayed. getting very tired of it. better fix it !

  • Ben Kelley

    Continuing problem messages like “try again”, network connection, etc. Not at my end, at theirs. Very frustrating. Probably will make my Gmail account the new principal account.