Comcast Internet outage with map of problem areas

Comcast has been having issues since 1:30 AM EDT and on today’s date of May 3, 2022 it’s Internet service seems to be the problem with a few comcast customers’ reporting their TV is still up and running.

The Comcast outage originates from Camas, Seattle, Harrison, Chicago, Denver, Hayward, Hattiesburg, Tracy, Grand Rapids and Fresno.

Please take a look at the map below for the problematic areas, if you are not on the map but are experiencing issues please do use the comments below and let us know where you are and what the problem is.

There seems to be problems with other services such as phone, but most issues are the Internet outage. As far as we can see Comcast has not officially mentioned this but as you can see over on Down Detector the Comcast Internet service is having an outage issue.

What a few Comcast customers’ have said: One commented, “Internet is down in northern Illinois. TV is still up though.” Another said, “Problems!!! Internet out this morning, came back shortly and now off all afternoon and evening!!!”

Are you having any Comcast outage problems?

The map below shows the most problematic areas -

  • Margi

    Elizabethtown ky internet outage

  • Irritated

    Knoxville, Tn prob with sporadic connection more off than on for two weeks. Getting worse not better.