Google Plus haters let’s get real

The constant barrage of tit for tat when it comes to Google Plus and Facebook is mind boggling, yes Vic Gundotra the head of G+ left Google but come on this does not mean for one second the social networking site is going to shut down. If it were to shut down I for one would be sure to miss it, especially with 45,477 followers on my Mark Chubb profile.

Google Plus haters let’s get real

Before you read on I am NOT in any way slandering Omid Rahmat via Tech Guru Daily, just merely putting a point across to see if you agree or disagree with both his Google Plus points and mine.

Everyone has an opinion and author Omid Rahmat via Tech Guru Daily definitely had his say and fair play to him, his title of his latest article say’s, “Google+ goes; Hangouts stay,” is just masterful in its own right, and in masterful we mean he is the master of missing the point.

Rahmat said and quotes, “You probably have to be a Google employee to truly love it,” and “What is wrong with Google+? I don’t get it. What’s is right with Google+?

Omid Rahmat only has 82 followers on Google Plus, and his last post published on there was 18 Nov 2013. Maybe, just maybe this is why you are not getting anywhere.

He talks about the meaningless and annoyance of Google Plus users popping in and out of notifications being and intrusion of his Gmail space, I actually like the notifications as it means i can reply to people - what is the point of having followers if you cannot be bothered with them. Facebook has become a diary of such with friends putting basically their everyday life stories on there, Twitter is very good with its constant news and most definitely the best network to be on if you are a celebrity follower.

Rahmat says that the Google Plus interface is not that great, he says, “It’s like Google threw a party in a shipping container and forgot the music, booze, food and fun people,” oh do come on now, its clean and not to busy unlike Facebook, and my followers are most certainly NOT boring.

Google Plus has a clean look with no ads killing the view, searching is easy, reading is rewarding on the eyes. No childish banter, pure professionalism in my eyes is what Google Plus provides.

He does say Google Hangouts are good, he does say it is collaborative and cool and quotes, “This about the most social thing that Google has ever done.”

I do agree with Rahmat when he says Hangouts Air with YouTube is impressive, one thing I personally did not like was the Google Plus comments integration with YouTube as this sort of forced people to join G+.

Why do we need Google Plus?
If you take a look at my personal Google Plus profile you will see I have 45,477 followers, having a good following on this social network helps your news articles rank better, its all about +1s the more you get the better rank the article gets.

I look in stats every day and study them and see a vast amount of readers coming via Google Plus and Facebook, in fact OSM got more via Google Plus than Facebook and Twitter combined.

I would suggest Rahmat updating his Google Plus on a daily basis for returning results.

Why Google Plus makes sense
Easy to follow, very clean to look at, disabling reshares or comments, there are incredible photographers on G+, people are more respectful, no lol, lmao and slagging off happens on Google Plus, if it does it’s not from my followers, and NO ADS. The more Plus One’s you get the better, every post you put on your Google Plus they get listed in Google natural search, which means more exposure and rank.

Do you agree with Omid Rahmat or myself when it comes to Google Plus?

  • Marc_Razia

    I’m not a Google employee and I don’t even have a huge following, but I much prefer G+. The fact that its so easy to find content is what separates it for me.

  • oldman_60

    Totally agree with you.